July 8, 2013

The Brü Revü – Stone Ruin Ten IPA

Stone’s Ruin Ten IPA is the re-release of their 10th Anniversary Ruination.  I missed out on that limited release so I am happy they brought it back with a much wider distribution to boot.  I don’t hide my Stone leanings so this beer along with their excellent EnjoyBy releases have come to define Stone’s prowess in IPAs. The Ruin Ten takes an already exceptional Ruination and cranks up every aspect to full hop overload.  There is nothing timid or meek about what this brew seeks: total palate domination.  Ruin Ten poured a deep orange amber with plenty of off white head and hop aromas exploded out of the bottle.  The taste grabbed my taste-buds with a full frontal assault of hops and took me for a ride through all the hop hues.  There was pine followed by bitter grapefruit and citrus with floral and tropical fruit notes underneath that all end in a fresh resinous bite.  The hops ride a subtle caramel tone that enhances the fruity undertones as it warms.  This is a truly exceptional beer and a welcome addition to Stone’s yearly rotation. My taste-buds have been officially ruined. 

Stone Ruin Ten IPA

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