December 19, 2013

The Brü Revü – Austin Beerworks Heavy Machinery English IPA

The hits keep coming with the Austin Beerworks Heavy Machinery series.  The latest is their English IPA which uses English EKG and Fuggle hops to give this IPA a very British flair.  The beer poured a beautiful clear amber with a significant white head.  The aroma was sweet and grassy definitely not the brash and bold American hops punch but with subtle fruity tones as well. The flavor followed the aroma with the fruity grassy tones giving way to a nice palate coating bitterness on the finish. The English IPA was a very light and drinkable IPA with a subtle hop profile that showcased the English hops well.   It was a welcome change to the American style hop bomb, and would be a great summertime thirst quencher too. This was a really well done IPA.

Austin Beerworks Heavy Machinery English IPA

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