December 23, 2013

The Brü Revü - Top 13 Albums & Beers of 2013, Part 1

I love beer and music so here is my 13 best albums and beers for 2013.  These are all beers that debuted in 2013. While there are a few that have been brewed in the past this is their first incarnation in the bottle or in the case of RuinTen with a new name.  A technicality I know.  There are several great beers missing from this list, because I never tried them.  Unfortunately for me I never made it out to Jester King to try their new concoctions and I don’t trade so these were all available in Texas at some point.  Here we go, in no particular order:

Hops and Grain The One They Call Zoe
Hard working, local, dependable, always satisfying.  Describes both of these quite well.  Zoe was a pleasant surprise.  While not flashy or overwhelming it just reigned supreme.  WMMF album was another great album from this local Austin band.

A bit odd but satisfying.  Coffee and an IPA?  It actually worked quite well, and I hope Stone revisits this again.  Mikal Cronin picked up where he left off from his great first album with pure excellence on MCII.  Both are smooth yet strangely wonderful.

Raw, gritty and powerful.  The Double IPA was the first Heavy Machinery IPA available in cans and it started the series off strong.  Surfing Strange is the second album from Swearin’ which expands on their first with melodic fuzzy gems.  Both are basically beautiful.

Pros showing us how it’s done.  I for one am a huge fan of New Belgium’s Rampant Double IPA.  Get Rampant fresh and it’s full of lush tropical fruit tones and dank hops that hit the spot for me.  Modern Vampires of the City continues the greatness that is Vampire Weekend.  Catchy indie music with insightful intelligent lyrics.  Two powerhouses in their respective fields doing what they do best.

Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA sounded like a wonderful IPA, and it was.  Loads of citrus and tropical fruit hops that would have been even better if we had gotten it fresher in Texas. There’s always next year.  Mason Jennings’ catalog is pure gold and I eagerly anticipate his new releases.  Always Been is growing on me more and more and will surely climb into it’s place alongside his other classic albums.

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