December 27, 2013

The Brü Revü - Top 13 Albums & Beers of 2013, Part 2

Loud, pummeling & aggressive.  Stone was on a roll this year and RuinTen was their huge Ruination Anniversary beer. The Bronx IV was on constant rotation for almost 2 months after it came out.  Both grabbed your face and wouldn't let go.

Guilty Pleasures.  Austin Beerworks Heavy Machinery IPA series has been the highlight of the local craft beer scene for me.  It has been a joy to grab the latest in the series and the Belgian IPA was easily one of my favorites.  I Checked out Drug Church on a whim and was blown away.  Paul Walker has been in heavy rotation ever since.  There is something about both of these that tickle me in my happy place.

Two more local favorites.  Karbach from Houston added their Weekend Warrior Pale Ale to their regular lineup and this unfiltered hazy beast was a welcome addition.  Corsicana Lemonade sounds like White Denim’s take on classic rock while giving it their own unique freshness.  Down and dirty magic.

Lively and fun.  Green Bullet was very fresh and hoppy when I got it which is great for an IPA and Tripel IPA at that.  It had a very distinct hop profile from the New Zealand hop attack and was a fun beer to drink.  Passafire may be my secret crush as I love everything they put out in their twist of rock and reggae.  Vines continues their streak of great albums that I will continue to listen to constantly.  

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