December 30, 2013

The Brü Revü - Top 13 Albums & Beers of 2013, Part 3

Classics that expand on the originals.  Another coffee Stout, sure, but take the impeccable Stone IRS and add espresso at the hands of Stone and you have pure gold.  I am not ashamed to admit I like Josh Ritter and The Beast in its Tracks is a return to form.  Classic Josh Ritter songs from a great songwriter.

Fruits of their labor.  The (512) FIVE Imperial Stout was the perfect culmination of their past 5 years.  It was deep and rich with layers of complex flavors.  Afraid of Heights shows Wavves ever increasing songwriting prowess as it pushes his skills further into well crafted garage & indie rock gems.  This album kicks ass and has stayed in rotation on my playlists since its release.  

Comfortable.  The Saint Arnold Divine Reserve #13 was a Belgian Quad that was expertly done.  It hit all the right notes and is like putting on a good pair of slippers.  There is something about a Telekinesis album that sounds familiarly nostalgic for me.  While he experimented more with his sound on Dormarion it’s still a perfect fit for my ears.  Now I just need to put on my robe and slippers, crank Dormarion up to 11 and sip my Belgian Quad while I bob my head.

Outrageously sophisticated.  3Beans was a phenomenal brew that pulled together the coffee, cocoa & romano beans expertly.  Monomania was Deerhunters return to punky garage rock that sounds divisively different than their previous effort, but with all the well-thought out and deliberate moves underneath the noise.  Both were well done and well executed.

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