March 20, 2014

The Brü Revü – Hops and Grain Greenhouse IPA, February

The February version of Hops and Grain’s Greenhouse IPA highlights the Falconer’s Flight hop variety, which according to the Greenhouse IPA site has a notable juiciness with layers of orange juice and pine. H&G kept the beer "very oily coating your tongue with hoppy goodness".  I don’t think I could describe it any better than this. My tasting notes were directly parallel to those notes which is surprising to me.  The beer looked practically identical to the January version which was a deep golden amber with a huge fluffy white head.  The aroma was juicy tropical and citrus fruits with a bit of dank thrown in.  The taste was spot on to the description: it started with the tropical fruit citrus and faded to a very nice piney bitterness that coated my palate and left the hoppy bitterness lingering between sips.  The biggest highlight of this Greenhouse IPA version was it’s smoothness and drinkability even with the hoppy bitterness.  This beer was just a pleasure to drink. While I thought the January Greenhouse IPA was great, this February version is even better.  With 10 more months to go Hops and Grain is setting the bar extremely high.  I hope they only continue to get better as we will be in for a real IPA treat this year!

Hops and Grain Greenhouse IPA

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