March 18, 2014

The Brü Revü – Sixpoint Hi-Res

Although Sixpoint states that they do not brew to a specific style, it is pretty clear that this is a version of a Triple IPA.  With the 111 IBU and 11.1 ABV its obvious this IPA has been cranked up to Eleven!  While their Resin is a great Double IPA and their 3Beans was extraordinary I felt confident picking up Hi-Res.  The beer poured a deep gold with a significant slightly off-white head.  The aroma is very strong resinous hops with some citrus orange and a full sweet caramel malt underneath the in your face hops.  The taste starts with a juicy citrusy hop bite with a huge sweet malt middle that ends with a resinous and piney hop bite.  It’s that pine hop profile that lingers on your palate between tastes and helps mitigate the sweet malty base of this beer.  The Hi-Res is hugely hopped and takes no shame in being what it is.  It definitely carries a sweetness around that harnesses the hops, but I found myself enjoying the Hi-Res sip after sip.  Grab one and crank your hops to eleven!

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