March 26, 2014

The Brü Revü – Sierra Nevada Bigfoot

The famed Bigfoot is Sierra Nevada’s legendary Barleywine and while I have had several over the years, I have yet to give it a proper review.  The review is based on a fresh 2014 bottle, which is generally how I have had this in the past.  I like the big hops so I usually can’t hang on to these for very long.  The Bigfoot poured a deep ruby red with a significant head a good retention.  This was a great looking beer.  The aroma was very sweet and hoppy with citrus hops dominating into a sweet and slightly boozy tones.  The taste was huge, with more bitter resinous hops on a bed of bittersweet malt that finishes with more pine hop notes.  The bitter pine stays on your palate and lingers between sips of this mammoth brew.  There is a slight alcohol finish that is hidden well underneath all the bitter hops and malt but definitely not dominant.  I am sure this beer would age quite well as it would smooth out the edges a bit.  Fresh the Bigfoot is dangerously drinkable and a thick,chewy, hoppy brew.

Sierra Nevada Bigfoot

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