May 22, 2014

The Brü Revü – Founders Porter

I have been waiting to savor the Founders Porter for a while and I finally had the chance.  The beer poured a deep dark brown to black with a subtle tan head.  At that point I allowed it to sit and warm as I knew it would improve.  Once I returned I was rewarded with aromas of deep dark chocolate, sweet malts and a hint of coffee. The first taste was a deep roast with full chocolate and coffee that end in a subtle bitterness.  The Porter was a velvety smooth and sublime beer that is a porter for all porters to be measured.  I was impressed with the depth and fullness of the brew and how quickly it disappeared in my glass.  The Founders Porter was one of the best porters I have had and an impressive beer for their year round lineup.  Each Founders beer I try keeps raising the bar.

Founders Porter

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