May 20, 2014

The Brü Revü – Hops and Grain Greenhouse IPA, April

The April is all about Amarillo.  This version of Hops and Grain’s Greenhouse IPA highlights the Amarillo hop variety, which according to the Greenhouse IPA site hits grapefruit, melon with a bit of pine and floral notes. This month’s is definitely the biggest and boldest so far and a large leap from last month’s batch. As the basic IPA recipe is the same the beer pours and looks almost identical each month with a deep golden amber and fluffy white head. The aroma was very citrusy and fruity with more bold aromas coming through.  The taste was was full on citrus grapefruit in terms of fruit and bitterness that left a strong pine and floral bitterness on my palate. This Amarillo characteristics were much more dominant and held up well in comparison to other IPAs I was drinking at the same time.  I thought my palate was blown after one in particular, but when I followed it up with this bold brew it held it’s own and left a distinct impression. As usual this Greenhouse IPA was highly enjoyable and went down fast. This quickly became my favorite of the batches, just ahead of the February edition, as I really loved the bold hop punch. These Greenhouse IPAs have been a beer highlight for me so far this year. Keep up the great work!

Hops and Grain Greenhouse IPA

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