June 17, 2014

The Brü Revü – Lagunitas NightTime

The latest beer from Lagunitas is their NightTime Black IPA.  I love everything from Lagunitas so picking up this new confection in a 22 oz bomber for less than $5 is a no brainer.  The beer poured a deep brown to black with slight ruby highlights and loads of fluffy tan head.  The nose is very hop forward with grapefruit rind being the predominant aroma with slight hints of pine and mango.  There was very little roast on the nose and it only revealed itself as it warmed.  If I wasn’t looking at this dark as night brew I would swear it was an IPA on aroma alone.  The taste followed with strong grapefruit rind and a little more of the pine and mango notes than the aroma.  As it warmed the dark roasted malts came through at the end and mingled with the hops to create a beautiful bitterness on my palate.  This was an outstanding Black IPA and Lagunitas handled the hops expertly.  I expect nothing less from a Lagunitas brew.

Lagunitas NightTime

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