August 5, 2014

The Brü Revü - Hops and Grain Greenhouse IPA, July

July’s IPA inspiration comes from the refreshing flavors of the orange.  According to the Greenhouse IPA site, Hops & Grain used a blend of 33% Meridian, 33% Cascade, and 33% Centennial hops from a single hop farm in Oregon to bring us back to the days of Orange Julius and Dreamsicles.  As usual the beer pours and looks almost identical each month with a deep golden amber and fluffy white head. The aroma was not an overwhelming hop explosion but more of a sweet citrus with a definite orange influence.  Bitter citrus hops abound in the taste with a strong orange citrus profile that completely hit the orange theme that Hops and Grain intended.  It was like a grown up orange juice IPA that popped with freshness and juiciness on the palate.  As always the Greenhouse IPA was very tasty, refreshing and easy to drink and the bitter orange juice beer quickly disappeared from my glass.  H&G raised the bar once more with this release and while they continue to do so I will continue to seek this Greenhouse IPA every month.  Great job again! 

Hops and Grain Greenhouse IPA

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