August 26, 2014

The Brü Revü – Pinkus Organic Hefe-Weizen

Another stop on my Summer Tour de Hefe was with the Pinkus Organic Hefe-Weizen.  Ooo organic.  This beer poured an almost crystal clear gold until I decided to activate the yeast and pour in the rest of the beer.  There was a stormy mess of a mixture until it all settled into an opaque straw yellow brew.  There was the typical thick head, but on the Pinkus it quickly dissipated and left little lacing.  There was faint banana on the nose, but I picked up more of the clove spice typical of the style.  The taste was strong on the Hefe spice and begins with a bready wheat that melds into the spice.  I did not have much in the way of the signature banana and bubble gum yeast notes that I have come to expect, but more spice and wheat.  The opaque appearance and creamy mouthfeel belied its light and refreshing finish.  A tasty brew nonetheless and a worthy stop on my Hefe tour.  Remember to activate your yeast to get the full Hefe experience.  Cheers!

Pinkus Organic Hefe-Weizen

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