August 12, 2014

The Brü Revü – Odell IPA

Odell Brewing is another in a long line of breweries to make their way to Texas.  While they have been here for a few months now, I am finally trying their IPA.  I have heard great things about Odell and their IPA and now I can say that the reputation is well deserved.  The beer poured a deep gold with a slight haze and a nice white head that left substantial lacing.  The aroma was of citrus and tropical fruits with a bit of dank oily hops as well. The taste followed suit with a huge mouth full of citrus and tropical fruit hops that faded into a slight pine bitterness that traced its way into my jaws.  It was not overpoweringly bitter but more of a flavorful hop bitterness that was reminiscent of many double IPAs.  A very well done single IPA that left my palate coated with a pleasant hoppy bitterness.  The Odell IPA was a top tier IPA and a welcome addition to our growing Texas selection.  I need to try more of their line-up as this was a well executed beer.

Odell IPA

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