August 21, 2012

The Brü Revü - Bangers

I just might have a new favorite beer bar in Austin.  Bangers is a new sausage house and beer garden off Rainey Street that boasts over 100 beers on tap.  It has a very beer hall atmosphere on the inside and classic beer garden vibe in its outdoor area.  There is also a fenced in dog friendly area which I know will be a popular attraction for those with furry four legged friends.  Boasting over 100 beers on tap is one thing, but I was thoroughly impressed with the selection.  They seem to focus on local Texas beers, having several offerings from each local brewery rather than one or two select beers.  The beers they offered from outside of Texas were all top notch.  I sat and studied the beer menu as it is quite extensive and there were multiple brews that caught my attention that I wanted to sample.  Another plus is they have an entire section dedicated to Gluten Free options which is always a plus in my book considering my lovely wife is Gluten Free.  Not only did they have Ciders and GF Beers, but a Mead on draft which was a first for us.  While having Gluten Free options is becoming more common in Austin restaurants, you are always left on your own when searching for a Gluten Free beverage at most local bars.  This was a nice touch that I would like to see implemented elsewhere.

I started my sampling with an Austin Beerworks Flying Headbutt. It's an Belgian Style Double IPA that was delicious. The Belgian Yeast was subtle yet delicately added to the dank hoppiness of the IIPA. This was another great beer from Austin Beerworks that continues to impress.

My second brew was the (512) TWO, their Double IPA. This is a seasonal release that I rarely catch on draft so I couldn't pass it up. I love their IPA and I may be in lust with their TWO. It is a phenomenal IIPA and brew in general that I really wish they would produce with more regularity. It has a great bitter hop profile with grapefruit and a bit of pine that mellows with the toffee like malt backbone. It's simply a great beer.

While I didn't sample much of their food I can thoroughly recommend the Chile Cheese Fries complete with in-house pickled Jalepenos! Excellent. The rest of their food menu looked really good and obviously heavy on the sausages that are made in house.

With several draft brews that I still wanted to try, I will definitely have to come back to Bangers. With a perfect beer atmosphere it will quickly become my favorite beer joint in town.

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