May 3, 2013

Beer Bums Meeting – May 2013 – Austin Beerworks Brewery Tour

For our May Beer Bums meeting we decided to branch out a bit and attend Austin Beerworks’ Friday Happy Hour and Brewery tour which they have almost every Friday from 5-8. This was a perfect opportunity for our group to visit a local Austin brewery and sample several of their beers in one sitting.  It’s difficult to get one of their tour tickets, which are free, as once they announce when the tickets go “on sale”, they disappear in a matter of minutes.  This is a testament to the popularity and quality of Austin Beerworks beers.  So, if you intend on attending on a particular Friday you will need to plan ahead.  
Their setup is typical for most of the Austin Breweries: For $10 you can purchase a glass and get 3 full pour samples, or you can opt for the free version and get 3 smaller sample pours.  We all opted for the glass purchase and full pour options, of course.  While most of their beers are available around town in cans and on draft, they had a few that I had yet to see. 
My first sample was their Soul Glo, which was a barrel aged sour ale and one I have never seen available from them.  It was superb, with just the right amount of sourness without overwhelming your palate.  It was quite refreshing and very appealing considering our growing summer heat.  
Their seasonal was the Heavy Machinery Black IPA that I have seen in limited amounts on draft and supposedly will be available in 16 oz cans very soon as well.  The Heavy Machinery Black IPA was exceptional.  Very roasty and deep with a good hop profile that stood on its own over it’s deep dark body.  
My final sample was the Mr. Falcon which was a mix of the Black Thunder Schwarzbier and the Fire Eagle IPA.  A nice mix of the two beers, although I may prefer each brew on their own.  All in all, Austin Beerworks brews are all top notch and high quality. It was a unique experience to get a peek behind the curtain of their production.  
They also have some strange fascination with Unicorns, or maybe its that Unicorn magic that makes their beers so good!  Cheers to Austin Beerworks, and SCREEEEEEEEEE!

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