January 27, 2012

The Brü Revü – The Lost Abbey Judgment Day

The Lost Abbey Judgment Day is another San Diego beer that I had been saving in my fridge, and another great beer that is not available in Texas.  I bought a small 12 oz bottle that was corked which was a nice touch.  The Judgment Day is a Belgian style Quadrupel and I could tell it was a big beer from the moment I popped the cork.  There were strong Belgian aromas as I poured this dark brown cloudy beer that had lots of gorgeous settlement.  This was a thick brew with very strong raisin, caramel and burnt sugar flavors with a slight bitter alcohol finish.  This is a great American interpretation of a Belgian style and its obvious The Lost Abbey knows what they are doing.  It’s a shame I only brought back one sample of their lineup and that you cannot get their great beers in Texas.

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