January 17, 2012

The Brü Revü – North Coast Brother Thelonious

North Coast Brewing Company is another great brewery from the West Coast and their Brother Thelonious is an outstanding Belgian Style Abbey Ale.  It pours a dark brown and amber with a nice creamy head.  The aroma is a dense, spicy dark fruit that give you a hint of what your tastebuds are in for.  The taste is a very deep and intense spiceness that exudes the Belgian yeast flavors with a sweet caramel and molasses.  Brother Thelonious is very complex from the banana and bubble gum flavors of the Belgian yeast to the spicier and sweet dark fruit.  I really enjoyed this beer and for an American version of a Belgian Abbey Style Ale it is fantastic.  It is thick and complex and gives you a lot to chew on while taking your taste buds for a ride.

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