February 14, 2012

Beer Bums Meeting – February 2012 – Uncle Billy’s Brew & Que

We have decided to mix up our Beer Bums Meetings this year with a few brewery tours and brewpubs rather than the typical 6-pack tastings.  After 3 years it was getting difficult to come up with new themes!  The first of our “new” meetings was a trip to Uncle Billy’s Brew & Que where we got a private tour of their brewing facilities from their head brewer Amos and tasted all of their currently available beers.  Amos was great and a former engineer which hit all of us Architects right in the head.  See the photos below of their brewing facilities which are small and compact.  Amos mentioned they try to brew more in the English style and have a ton of respect for the technical prowess of the German brewers.  See the list below of all the beers we tried all of which were very good.  The Resinator, an IIPA, and Black Jesus were my favorites. The Black Jesus was a Belgian Black Ale aged in Maker’s Mark barrels with some souring bacteria thrown in for good measure.  They were currently getting their World Beer Cup entries ready so they were busier than usual.


 This is where the magic happens.

 Bright shiny tanks full of beer!

.... and a little bit of barrel aging.

It's the one that says "Black Jesus".

 An almost empty flight of beers.

mmmmm....  The Resinator!

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