February 10, 2012

The Brü Revü – Founders Breakfast Stout

The Founders Breakfast Stout was the second beer I tried on my recent St. Louis trip while at dinner at the Bridge Tap Room.  This was a beer I had heard of before but is not available in Texas. I had yet to try it, and it was worth the wait!  It came on draft and was a dark brown/black with little head.  It smelled fantastic like a good cup of coffee with slight hints of chocolate.  Apparently it is brewed with Oats, chocolate and coffee and you can tell just with the initial aroma. The taste was out of this world!  The Breakfast Stout had hints of all those chocolate and coffee flavors exquisitely balanced with a deep rich texture and mouthfeel. It was a great Imperial Stout with the Oats, chocolate and coffee flavors delicately blended that justify all the lofty reviews.  This is definitely a beer to look for and one I hope will make its way to Texas soon!

 Founders Breakfast Stout

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