February 2, 2012

The Brü Revü – De Struise Pannepeut – Old Monk’s Ale

The preface: My dad was lucky enough on a trip to Belgium to visit the De Struise brewery and get a “private” tour from the brewer himself as well as a few samples of their great beers.  He brought me back a few of their beers and of course a “proper” glass. 
The Pannepeut – Old Monk’s Ale gets confused with the more widely known Pannepot – Old Fisherman’s Ale but I was assured they are not the same.  This is a huge Belgian Strong Ale with great depth and complexity.  It had a malty sweet almost brown sugary taste with notes of rich caramel and dark candied fruits.  It had a medium bodied mouthfeel and hid its high alcohol content really well.  It was a great gift from my dad as De Struise makes World Class beers and this is no exception.  I may never have this one again and it’s a shame.  If only you could get their beer in Texas!  

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